Local Emergency Operations Plan - due May 1st

26 January 2017

The annual deadline for submitting Local Emergency Operations Plans is approaching. In order to meet Emergency Relief and Assistance Fund and grant requirements, all Vermont municipalities must update and adopt a Local Emergency Operations Plan between town meeting day (March 7th) and May 1st and submit this plan to their Regional Planning Commission. There have been no modifications to the Base Plan for 2017, so municipalities should continue to use the Base Plan template that was released in 2016.

Appendices are optional, but they serve as an additional resource for your municipality to enhance emergency preparedness.  The following appendices have been added for 2017:

  • B8 Continuity of Operations Plan- This document assists local jurisdictions with planning for continuity events, including identifying essential functions, facilities, personnel, and resources.
  • B9 Evacuation Plan – This document assists local jurisdictions with planning for municipal evacuations, including access control & security, roles & responsibilities, and documenting available resources. (Courtesy of Local Emergency Planning Commission 6 – Windham Region)
  • B10 Debris Management Plan- This document assists local jurisdictions with planning for debris management, including identifying a Debris Manager, Debris Monitor, and Temporary Debris Storage and Reduction Site. Submission of this plan may make the municipality eligible for a one-time benefit of an additional 2% federal share towards eligible debris management costs during a federally-declared disaster.
  • C6 Shelter Inspections - This document provides information to local jurisdictions on how shelters will be inspected by the Division of Fire Safety during a disaster.
  • C7 Municipal Guidance for Flood Emergencies – This document assists all types of Vermont town officials, boards, staff, volunteers and others, with considerations and resources related to flooding disasters. The Flood Guide shares actions and steps to be taken by each role at each stage: proactive and advance preparations when a major storm is forecast, actions to be taken during the storm, as well as during recovery. (Courtesy of the Windham Regional Commission, in partnership with Deerfield Watershed Creating Resilient Communities and the University of Massachusetts RiverSmart Communities)

The Local Emergency Operations Plan requires the certifying individual to take ICS 402 or ICS 100.  To assist in this process, the Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security is offering ICS 402 around the state this spring.  Course offerings are available on our website: http://demhs.vermont.gov/calendar 

The template and appendices are available on our website: http://demhs.vermont.gov/plans/local Regional Planning Commissions are available to assist municipalities in completing their Local Emergency Operations Plan.

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